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Azure Guard is a friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable group of people who enjoy playing together and want to explore every aspect of the game.  We are respectful of others and realize that we all have obligations.  That being said; the plan is to obtain our epics and raid events that will benefit our members.  We are currently recruiting.  If you feel you would be a good fit please feel free to apply and someone will contact you in game.
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4/12-4/13 Repops!

by Kunio Kun, 12 days ago

4/12-4/13 Repops!

Another solid round of repops for AG. Well done!


After some heroic attempts by Lord Bob (99% new record) we gave Zlandi a whoopin.

Grats Kelvinn - Zlandicar's Talisman!

Grats Beppin - Zlandicar's Heart!

Grats Zaniks - First Brood Talisman!

Grats Frenetic - Frakadar's Talisman!

Grats Mudar - Cracked Claw of Zlandicar!


Cazic Thule & Friends~

Friday the 13th in Fear with PS netted us a Fright, Terror and Cazic Thule!

Nice train Sadiki~

Grats Basho - Brain of Cazic Thule!



We peer pressured Hollow into a midnight Trips run.

Turned out to be awesome! Two trips in 30 minutes with PS!

Thank God.

Grats Bianathon - Silver Dagger of Destruction!


Notable Mentions:

Afternoon Crew netted a textbook Dracoliche and we beat up Talendor~

Good job everyone!


(Actual photo of Lord Bob raid)



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4/4-4/5 REPOPS!

by Kunio Kun, 21 days ago


Another repop, another pixel(s). A P99 story.

Started from Severilous now we're here~


Good job tracking and mobilizing on this Ad-hoc target!


Dain Frostreaver IV


Great job on a quick FTE while we had reinforcements rolling in.

Nice work tag team! Way to get him into camp!

Grats Kunio - Belt of Dwarf Slaying

Grats Kolmgoruv - Ring of Winter

Grats Galuden - Tri-Plated Golden Hackle Hammer

Grats Saunter - Aegis of Ice


Cazic Thule


The God of Fear is no more! (until next week/quake~)

Really nice fear clear, good job AOE team!

Teamed with PS for this bad boy. Thanks for the hand gents!

Also Got Dread/Terror and Draco. Grats on epic pieces!

Grats Fatfarm - Brain of Cazic Thule

Grats Mignonette (Oneesan) - Robe of Inspiration




Two for one special, isle TOV!

AG/PS team up. Good job guys!

Grats Bastian - Dragonspine Rapier


Another MoTG kill in sleepers.

No loot but we had a strong force, nice showing guys. VERY fast kill.


Midnight Ring War



Some giants fell under the world and summoned our dwarf army.

Sorry Thurgadin.

(Sorry for killing your king yesterday too~)

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3/25 AG + PS Plane of Growth

by Kunio Kun, 30 days ago

3/25 - Azure Guard teams up with Paradigm Shift for a Plane of Growth Clear!

We powered through the grind and on our third attempt downed Tunare!

No Iksars were harmed during this raid.


Getting setup! Fattys assemble!

Our final attempt. Get dead Tunare!

A BIG thank you to everyone who stuck it out!

GRATS ROBINO! Nature's Melody!

Grats to everyone else who scooped some set pieces!

Non-Growth Related:

GRATS TO VALICK ON OUR 2nd Primal Velium Warsword!

Nice Mustache~

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Key Quake! 3/13/18

by Kunio Kun, 42 days ago

Another Quake, another...key, or 3!

The ground rumbled and we were off to the races! Parked in ToV for repops, we scooped Aaryonar before the quake.

Eashen of the Sky

First time cubby kill.


Ring of the Sky - Grats Kelvinn!

Twisted Steel Gauntlets - Grats Toopy!


Lord Yelinak

Thanks for the screenshot Kumasar! (nice ui image)

Another solo Yeli kill. Getting clean!

Good job on that coth chain!

Yelinak's Head - Grats Astatine!

Yelinak's Talisman - Grats Dagmore!

Soul Defiler x2 - Grats Stylex and Rufio!

Celestial Essence Robe - Grats Exoset!



A useful paladin ran in with DA!

We spanked him. (zlandi, not the paladin)

Frakadar's Talisman - Grats Turnip!

Gauntlets of Mortality - Grats Ahkensenu!

Zlandicar's Talisman - Grats Sadiki!

Zlandicar's Heart - Grats Mignonette!



The fastest pre-slow in history.

Rekt em'.

Klandicar's Talisman - Grats Zormog!

Good run! See you in Sleepers!

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AG Solo Quake 2/27-28/18

by Kunio Kun, 57 days ago

Azure Guard had its second solo quake on 2/27/18 and cleaned up!

A long night to be sure, but well worth!


Dain Frostreaver IV

After a successful pre-park we found ourselves lacking cleric mains!

Some quick action from our members with swapping/porting and we had what we needed!

A clean pull/tag and Dain was going down!

Good job guys!

Dain Frostreaver's Head - Grats Toopy!

Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak - Grats Mistoffelees!

Ring of Winter x2 - Grats Travane/Bilous!

Lord Yelinak

After some quick porting to CS we found ourselves at the top of Skyshrine!

Coth chain running and we have competition! OH NO, it's Blood Guard!

The quicker force prevailed with AG's FIRST solo Yelinak! Well Played!

Yelinak's Head - Grats Babab!

Yelinak's Talisman - Grats Cartel!

Very Large Coin Purse - Grats Awee!

Dragons Blood Earring - Grats Akatchi!

Soul Defiler - Grats Mudooza!

After some ToV shenanigans we bailed and went on a frenzy, splitting our force and collecting some pixels!

Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth

Good job Hate crew! (Thanks PS) image

Sleeper's Tomb

While in Hate our members with ST keys headed to Sleeper's. With 2 clerics, 2 soulfires and 2 reapers we pulled off an EPIC kill on The Progenitor. He is much bigger in person....

With a total force of 10 or so we killed him, the only unslowable boss in sleepers.

A clean tank swap, well timed clickies and some hootin and hollerin, we netted our FIRST 1hs PRIMAL!!!!

Primal Velium Warsword - Grats Kumasar!

Veeshan's Peak

Our late, late, LATE night crew went on to VP to party with Paradigm Shift for a few hours netting ourselves a handful of weapons including a fancy, shmancy sow sword.

All in all, a great night! Well played and well earned team! Grats to everyone who got loot!

Now get some sleep.

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