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Azure Guard is a friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable group of people who enjoy playing together and want to explore every aspect of the game.  We are respectful of others and realize that we all have obligations.  That being said; the plan is to obtain our epics and raid events that will benefit our members.  We are currently recruiting.  If you feel you would be a good fit please feel free to apply and someone will contact you in game.
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Farewell Zentile!

by Kunio Kun, 13 days ago

Zentile's Retirement

Zentile has informed us that he will be retiring upon his 40th birthday! Happy Birthday bud!

While we hate to lose one of our own we all wish you the best on your future endeavors!

Its been a great run!

Check out Zents farewell post here for all the spicy details.

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5/31 RANDOM Earthquake!! + +

by Kunio Kun, 18 days ago

5/31 RANDOM Earthquake caught us all by surprise!

Solid planning netted us some quality targets on the last quake of the month!


NICE FTE Littul! Combined with Valicks super fast FTE from yesterday we had back to back Green Scales!

Good luck Warriors!


Very clean fights. Melted!

Grats Astatine - Dain Frostreaver's Head

Grats Doil - Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak

Grats Ryderinthe - Yelinak's Head

Grats Titanic - Yelinak's Talisman

Grats Mignonette - Mask of the Dragon Slayer

Grats Laeadin - Dragons Blood Earring

Grats Punchii - Outrider's Taming Whip

Sleeper's Tomb

Clean sweep of ST netted us a Primal 2hs!

Grats Porcelain!


While ST crew did its thing the rest of the raid cleared the way!

No raider's were harmed in the killing of these two dragons.

Grats Radish - Zlandicar's Talisman

Grats Savyy - Zlandicar's Heart

Grats Terram - Frakadar's Talisman

Grats Hasno - Massive Dragonclaw Shard

Grats Kakao - Klandicar's Talisman


Solid Quake, Grats on shinies and thank you for coming!

PSA: Take screenshots.

+ +

The Following days netted us:

Plane of Growth


Grats Bastian - Massive Heartwood Thorn!

Finally a nice loot.

Ring War

More shinies~

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5/6 Repops!

by Kunio Kun, 37 days ago

5/6 Repops!

The Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain.

Grats on those Coldain hero's Insignia Rings!

A clean park/pull/tag and Dain was in the bag.

Grats Montoyah - Dain Frostreaver's Head!

Grats Toopy - Frostreaver's Velium Crown!

Garzicor/Klandicar c-c-c-combo breaker!

Grats Carnosaur on your Sanctum Guardian's Earring!

Grats Hasno - Klandicar's Talisman!

After Garz and Klandi we headed over to ToV for the usual shenanigans.

King Tormax had other plans for us however.

AM had to concede and left an uncontested Tempest in Kael.

AG raced over, setup the raid, got the pull team in place, pulled off an awesome FTE, handled the wolf adds (ohgodwhy) and downed the King for the 3rd week in a row!

Grats Cheich - King Tormax's Head!

Grats Nookleer - Velium Encrusted Gauntlets!

Ring of Lightning is up for auction to those who participated in the encounter.

Lendiniara the Keeper

Grats Wartime - Breastplate of Superiority!

Grats Kolmgoruv - Lendiniara's Talisman!

Grats Septyk - Truesight Helm!

Knocked out Talendor and completed a Ring War the following day!


Thanks Littul for the awesome video!

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by Kunio Kun, 49 days ago



It has been a great couple of weeks for Azure Guard.

King Tormax

Quake Tormax was hard fought, everyone pulled their weight and came together to get an awesome kill on the king!

Really well done everyone!

Congrats Kunio - Boots of the Storm!

Congrats Hollowlung - Crown of the Kromzek Kings!

Congrats Zentile - King Tormax's Head!

Lord Yelinak

Another very clean Yelinak kill. 

Congrats Racen - Ayill's Aged Stone Shield!

Congrats Kakao - Celestial Essence Robe!

Congrats Terram - Dragon's Eye Sage Ring!

Congrats Tsuko - Soul Defiler!

Congrats Galuden - Yelinak's Head!

Congrats Ddejay - Yelinak's Talisman!

We split our force and had our ST crew head over to Sleeper's.

The rest of the force cleared the way to Zlandicar and setup a coth chain.

Sleeper's Tomb

ST force is becoming a well oiled machine.

Master of the Guard

The Progenitor

The Final Arbiter

Congrats Astatine/Kelvinn on Primals!


Some intense fights but we got em. Good job Hollowlung on soloing Klandi!

Congrats Zentile - Frakadar's Talisman!

Congrats Zavardx - Zlandiicar's Heart!

Congrats Sickada (Prae) - Zlandicar's Talisman!

Congrats Jaebird - Peerless Dragonhide Breastplate!

Congrats Carnosaur - Klandicar's Talisman!

We were off to an amazing start, but we weren't done yet!


Two CLEAN kills. Well played boys.

Congrats Slabs (Lumian) - Shield of the Dawn!

Congrats Punchii - Facesmasher!

Congrats Menderlot (Montoyah) - Earring of the Icecaster!



Previous weeks success has not gone over looked. We netted ourselves a repop KT, raced and won some Progenitor, double Trakanon kills and some other small goodies here and there.



We decided it was a good idea to do Plane of Growth with PS Monday night after the quake.

Tunare ded.

HUGE thank you to everyone who participated, and congrats again on all the phat lootz!~

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4/12-4/13 Repops!

by Kunio Kun, 66 days ago

4/12-4/13 Repops!

Another solid round of repops for AG. Well done!


After some heroic attempts by Lord Bob (99% new record) we gave Zlandi a whoopin.

Grats Kelvinn - Zlandicar's Talisman!

Grats Beppin - Zlandicar's Heart!

Grats Zaniks - First Brood Talisman!

Grats Frenetic - Frakadar's Talisman!

Grats Mudar - Cracked Claw of Zlandicar!


Cazic Thule & Friends~

Friday the 13th in Fear with PS netted us a Fright, Terror and Cazic Thule!

Nice train Sadiki~

Grats Basho - Brain of Cazic Thule!



We peer pressured Hollow into a midnight Trips run.

Turned out to be awesome! Two trips in 30 minutes with PS!

Thank God.

Grats Bianathon - Silver Dagger of Destruction!


Notable Mentions:

Afternoon Crew netted a textbook Dracoliche and we beat up Talendor~

Good job everyone!


(Actual photo of Lord Bob raid)



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