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Azure Guard is a friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable group of people who enjoy playing together and want to explore every aspect of the game.  We are respectful of others and realize that we all have obligations.  That being said; the plan is to obtain our epics and raid events that will benefit our members.  We are currently recruiting.  If you feel you would be a good fit please feel free to apply and someone will contact you in game.

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Dracoliche Down to CSG

by Manasana/ergoo, 10 days ago

CT pop dragged a bunch a no good late nighters out to Fear. CSG and awakened in zone only. After we wiped on a terror pull we got back up and tried a Draco attempt 24 AG / 7 E / 7 O

Took forever!! but we battle rezzed / twitched clerics/enchanters and swapped a few tanks

Grats Azai on Shawl of protection 35 Resist vs ALL

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by Alizze1999, 145 days ago

Congrats to Zentile on Fist_of_Nature!!!

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AG Plane of Sky Record!!

by Nemce, 176 days ago

Azure Guard made an all new record that comes with unprecedented loot prizes! We killed 12 (one more than eleven!) Sister of the Spires in sky! We walked away that raid with three rogue belts, one warrior belt, two shaman rings and quite a bit more items completed!


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CSG firsts! AoW! Vulak!

by Kumadar, 198 days ago

It was one hell of a week. With A/A on suspension we were able to collaborate with other guilds on the server to divvy up two sets of merbs (thanks, Rogean) and get a bunch of firsts for AG and CSG as a whole! 

The kill list: 


Klandicar x2 

Eashen x2 

Koi'Doken x2

Lord Kreizenn 


Lady Nevederia x2 

Jorlleag x2 

Vyemm x2

Statue x2 

CT &co. 


Vulak'Aerr x2

+VP clear

+kills in ST 


Grats to all the loot winners! 

Claw of Lightning, Matchless Dragonhide Breastplate, Nevederia's Left Eye, Shiny Metallic Sleeves, Gaudralek Sword of the Sky, Mask of the Sky, Bracelet of the Deep Sea, Othmir Prexus Totem, Flame Kissed Tear, Nevederia's Horn, Onyx Chain Leggings, Primal Velium Battle Axe, Priceless Velium Spear, Primal Velium Reinforced Bow, Primal Velium Battle Axe, Bone-Clasped Girdle, Halo of the Enlightened, Hammer of Battle, Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask, Valtron's Necklace of Wonder, Tolan's Longsword of the Glade, Torpor, Robe of the Azure Sky, Blood Orchid Katana

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