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Azure Guard is a friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable group of people who enjoy playing together and want to explore every aspect of the game.  We are respectful of others and realize that we all have obligations.  That being said; the plan is to obtain our epics and raid events that will benefit our members.  We are currently recruiting.  If you feel you would be a good fit please feel free to apply and someone will contact you in game.
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Kamikaze Vulak Engage paid off!!

by Grimskld, 5 days ago

Azure Guard pulled off a feat of extraordinary coordination this past Sunday! 

While in the middle of an intense Ring War to protect the city of Thurgadin, our scouts gave word that our nemesis Riot was coordinating an attack on Lord Vulak himself!  While the battle in Great Divide came down to the wire, we were able to defeat Narandi the Wretched, striking him down to death with the might of our members power! 

It was then that we swiftly coordinated the move into the Temple of Veeshan, gathering our forces up to Vulak's lair!  We were able to kite his last 2 guards, enabling a limited engage on the Lord of the Temple of Veeshan!  With much patience, teamwork, and willpower, we were able to defeat him!! But not without casualties of our own members!  

This battle will go down in AG history as one of the most daunting, yet exciting and well-lead battles in years!!!  Azure Guard grows stronger and continues to keep the evil forces of Norrath at bay!!!  


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Active Recruitment!

by Grimskld, 69 days ago

In light of Green/Teal servers, things have definitely changed, to say the least!

However, Azure Guard hasn't left, nor isn't going anywhere!  We plan to keep on keeping on Blue in order to battle the giants, dragons, and everything in between within the world of Norrath!!!! 

It is because of this that we are actively recruiting on Blue in order to combat the one remaining power that is Riot!  Not just that, but we enjoy helping out the up and comers who are still new to the scene!  Our current level requirement is 50+ for the time being!

Visit our website for more information and fill out an application!!  We look forward to seeing you in Norrath!!


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The Merger is Here!!!

by Grimskld, 156 days ago

On behalf of all the leadership team and its members of Blood Guard and Azure Guard, I am glad to announce the official merger into Azure Guard!!!! 

It has been a long road up to this point!  Azure Guard and Blood Guard used to be the same guild, so we are happy to bring everyone back together into a stronger entity and look forward to competing at the highest levels of P99!!  Competition Beware!!!

Azure Guard now grows even stronger and it will continue to do so as we will be declaring ourselves a force to be reckoned with!!  Apply to Azure Guard and come join the fun and competition, cheers!!!!



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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

by Kunio Kun, 249 days ago

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Casual 93 days since last update! Time flies when you're having fun!

Or when dragons are rooted~

After a long road of power leveling, DA idol farming and training raids, we were finally pulling those shiny ToV dargons~ 

Times change however, and we have entered an era of (mostly) rooted dragons.

While we were having fun with our new found successes and massive trains to entrance, rooted dragons aren't all bad. New strategies and teamwork are afoot and its only a matter of time before we see efforts pay off. We have gotten some kills in ye' olde/New Temple and will continue to work at it.

Some Azure Guard firsts in the last few months! Lets take a look!

Solo Tunare clear/kill!

Solo tanked by Kumasar!

Solo Avatar of War!

We have single tanked AoW twice during team ups with Riot as well! Nice job clerics!

Grats on single tanking Kumasar and Kunio!


First Rooted Vulak multi-guild teamup!

Fun event! Lots of people got together for this. Thanks for healing me 32 clerics or however many were there :P. 

Other dead stuff

Cazic Thule, Dain, King Tormax, more Statues/Avatar of Wars, Lord Kreizenn, Dagarn, LTK, Telk, Vindi, Velketor, Magi and of course Sleeper's Tomb golems.

ST has been stingy lately, but its only a matter of time!


Its always busy season in p99!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather, in and out of Norrath!

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Heating up in AG!

by Littul Jonn, 342 days ago

Vulak`Aerr has been slain by AZURE GUARD!

Greetings! February has been a HUGE month for Azure Guard! Our first ever solo Vulak`Aerr has been slain! This achievement has been the culmination of months of planning, preparation, and willpower to contest and win! Congratulations to everyone, especially those who leveled mages and clerics, players who attended the training/HoT mini raids, and the financial contributions for those locket binds! Great job by everyone, thank you for making Azure Guard the amazing guild that it is!

Vulak`Aerr being destroyed by Azure Guard!

Azure Guard history right here! 

The final step in the preparation, crawling through NToV to prepare for Vulak! 

More Excitement in February!

Take a look at some of the fun we've been having in Norrath this month!


Sleeper's Tomb Dominance Continues!

We continue to push hard in Sleeper's Tomb, the competition is ramping up! We've had a strangle hold on the golems in Sleepers for some time now and other guilds are challenging us for supremacy, will you be the next one to FTE a Master of the Guard or Progenitor for Azure Guard!? Congratulations to Reptox, Octaveous, Thraqq, Forgelink, Porthus and Cambina on their new Primals!  

More Dragons around Norrath!


Here, Kunio displays the new trophy of Trakanon's head that he will mount on the walls of the Guild Hall. Over here Belsch picks up his second hobby as a professional dragon rider with Klandicar, she's one mean sob! 

Old World Destruction!


We had some fun in the Planes of Hate and Fear. Great job everyone who helped kill Innoruk and Cazic Thule! Inny getting the smack down brought upon him.  Cazic Thule falls to the hands of hahaha! Grea late night team up with members of AM, thanks for the team work! 

EPIC Shenanigans


Nothing like a run out to do a Xeno fight in LOIO, getting a Torpor drop of Ixi while helping with an epic, and another shaman epic completed! Congratulations to the new epic wielders! 

Party Everywhere! 


Throughout the month, there has been many XP groups, small kill teams for mobs, and general fun adventures going on around Norrath. Vowels (Aeolena) pets a baby seal while camping some drums for Samaranth, congratulations on getting those Beast Drums Sam and thank you for everyone's help with that!!! A brave XP party fights it's way through the Hole. I've always loved crawling this dungeon and it is one of my favorites! Have a great month everyone! See you in Norrath! 

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